District 3 Community Leaders

  • Rev. Alpha Arnette
  • Joshua Blackson, Westover Hills
  • Brenda Campbell, Clanton Park
  • Beverly Clark, Wingate
  • Frank Coley, Westover Hills
  • Shenequa Corbett, Clanton Park
  • Guy Cousins, Revolution Park
  • Rickey Hall, Reid Park
  • Mable Hemphill, Steele Creek
  • Carol Holsey, Westover Hills
  • Debbie Johnson, Parkview
  • Mike Johnson, Parkview
  • Charlene Mack
  • Niketa Mittal, Berewick
  • Senaide Maultsby, Ponderosa
  • Quanisha McAllister, Ayrsley
  • Brittany Smith, Wildwood
  • Kenny Robinson, Freedom Fighting Missionaries Inc.
  • Samuel Smith, Jr, Wildwood, Precinct 224 Chair
  • Susie Taylor, Pawtuckett
  • Brett Tempest, Revolution Park
  • Kim Zuniga, Berewick
  • Virginia Keogh, SWAN, 122 Chair
  • RJ Harvey, Clanton Park, 52 Chair
  • Abdul  Sihlangu, Steele Creek
On Victoria Watlington..."the right choice to represent District 3."
Rickey Hall
Community Leader, Reid Park
"Ms. Watlington has been a tireless advocate for her community in Charlotte….Victoria truly demonstrates a superior level of excellence across multiple platforms – community, business, and entrepreneurship."
Clarence Lyons
Business Leader
"Victoria is an intelligent, determined young professional who possesses the characteristics to lead. She has an organized and strategic approach that has been very beneficial, and she continues to represent as a leader in the Charlotte community."
Tiffani Teachey
Community Leader
"Beyond doubt, Victoria Watlington is the most qualified candidate for District 3. She is an experienced advocate and has built strong relationships. Victoria exemplifies generosity, intelligence, dedication, and passion for her community. Republicans and Democrats alike will Win with Watlington!"
Alex Carpenter
Community Leader
"Hoping Victoria Watlington is elected to represent District 3. Victoria is a very strong, Community engaged, professional, passionate lady that will truly be the Advocate for All in District 3. I have had the amazing honor & privilege to get to know Victoria through our serving as members on the City’s Civil Service Board."
Carolyn Millen
Community Leader

Additional Supporters & Hosts

Pamela Murphy Lewis

Gracie Coleman

Cynthia Wesley

Core’ Cotton

Dr. Bertha Maxwell-Roddey

Jonina Lowe

LaBecky Roe

Yolanda Law

Kayela Thompson

DeAlva Wilson

James Scruggs

Makila Scruggs

Yolanda Johnson

Shalanna Pirtle

Corrine Harris

Joe Smith

Alex Hogue

Jamila Green

Michelle Wilson

Devin Allen

Kim Anderson

Emma Allen

Jaelyn Jones

Tony Stanford

Tiffany Scott

Tabitha Jackson

Johanne Toussaint

Kristin Cosby

Derrick Davis

Beth Reichert

Terik Tidwell

Kim Hoefer

Kamamu Abubakari

Crystal Donald

Marsaynee Attia

Coco Callahan

Kym Gardner

Bobby Drakeford

Stephanie Parrish-Chester

Sharifa Hodge

Corey Powe

Tanisha Patterson-Powe

Nicholas Riggins

Erinn Rochelle

Rachel Geathers

Brandi Riggins

Veterans for Victoria Committee

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