Looking Back, Pressing Ahead

Oh, what a difference a year makes! 2020 has been a year like no other–yet, despite its challenges, I am thankful to serve on the Charlotte City Council, representing District 3, at this time. Looking back at my first Council meeting, I am proud of the work we’ve done together. I remain committed to causes for which I ran for office, and to the people whom I have the privilege to serve.

To the community leaders who have been carrying the torch long before I arrived, I thank you for leading by example. You are the backbone of our community. Full of conviction, compassion, integrity, courage and resilience, I am so grateful you invested in me, and I look to you as equal partners in this season. You are the vision! Every neighborhood meeting, grant application, and critical conversation; this is what collective efficacy is built on–authentic connection. Your commitment to this city is our lifeblood, and the essence of our resiliency in challenging times.

In every corner of our community, we have made a new commitment: to engage, to be informed, and to lead. To know our neighbors, to partner with our local government staff, to build our vision. To take personal responsibility for who we are, and how we grow, while training more leaders who plug into the process. To preserve our identity, to honor our history, and to embrace our opportunity.

We will do our part to build this world-class city, that all North Carolinians grow stronger together, toward a connected, inclusive, and responsible future.

Yours in Service,


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